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Aura Kingdom Mobile Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android

Aura Kingdom Mobile Hack apk mod webtool for iOS and Android


There are aspects of this project that I really liked. The fight against was fast and enjoyment, the graphics aren’t amazing, but they’re done well and oh really get the anime experience to fall across. There are a number of interesting side “hobbies” you can take up such as fishing, archaeology, coction, alchemy. Most importantly, there’s a strong main inquest fortify and plenty of fun side dialog as well. Playing through up to 62 was a plot of fun.

Games in Asia rated the game 6.1/10, billet a strong storyline, well-done anime-manner character designs and impressive graphics. But noted a lack of dungeons, repetitiveness, and unchallenging gameplay as low stage of the Olympic.

Purchase an item. As specify, buying and selling is a good way to earn E175 speedily in the game, but you must have the knowledge of the offer price to avoid hurting your profit. To purchase an item, click the Purchase tab, found at the upper-left of the auction dormer. Choose what item you’re going to procure by noise the style under the category, then represent in the name of the item under the keywords (make sure that the first initial is Capital), and then It. Enter. You can browse the attend by exacting the next button that can be found at the bottom part of the window until you find your desired entry. Click on the item and then hit Purchase. The item will go straight to your mail. Remember to buy low, sell high.

Of the world’s 18 million portable clients profoundly foreseen Aura Kingdom is

a solid character and perspective vivified style foundation

portable MMORPG diversion with a more extensive assortment of substance.

[Game Features]

anime-style design and an enormous story


Vivified 2D illustrations and smooth feeling to see the activity

Appreciate an assortment of missions and substance depends on a broad story!

 claim watchman blessed messenger, gatekeeper!

Buying and selling may take time to curdle up since you need to be knowledgeable with the in-game market. Aside from monitoring the most in-requisition materials, you have to compete with other merchants as well, so you have to be endurant.

Aldo Reply on March 11, 2015 This game is a waste of time and money. Many bots asking you to buy wealth, E175 riches. So many that u will fill harrased. Then if u chap that gold u get curse. Very taboo crooked. They try to constrain you preempt AP since the first runs which means you they train you to use your estimation card. Graphs are cool but so are other games diagram. Stay away from Aura Kingdom. I got Banned for no admirable reazon and so did many of people on game.

horrible UI. confuse and occasion you indistinct. can’t even alter it, the diagram is too damn huge, and if you actually CAN diversify it you have to attract it off the UI in lieu of of minimizing it. can’t alter how large the chat is either. idiotic design. other than that, a numerous game lol.

It would be ideal if you summon the Guardian by Gaia alluring block.

Summoned Guardian will turn into your own gatekeeper heavenly attendant ensure you.

It’s the Goddess of Creation, grasps bahamuteu fascination of the Castle of Gu Miho Land, the moon goddess Artemis, the strong saint Achilles, and so forth., players canbecometogether and connect with effective Guardians of around 30 species!

 double weapon framework!

My employment is to compose an otherworldly professional killer ?!


Johnny Reply on April 18, 2014 Don’t listen to all these kids complaining about spending money on this game. I will happily screen capture the in game store for anyone. It offers 20% xp boosts, costumes, pets, mounts that’s it. Hardly smear to prevail since there is virtually no pvp other than dueling or the battlefield/circus throng doubly a day lasting 30 minutes each. Obviously the game is a grindfest, no fluctuate but it’s horseplay to play on the side. Hell I play this on the side of counterstrike letting the autowalk deal with shit.

A double weapon framework, you can make your own particular one of a kind battling style!

Players will encounter the battle through different aptitude blends by choosing the principle weapons and weapons parts.

Attempt to develop character using an individual touch!

 top of the punctured!

United with the organization Challenge of the boring tower!

What’s more, it can not tolerate a gathering of upto 10 individuals, and there are effective adversaries anticipate each floor.

Prepared to procure the fortune tower to vanquish the highest point of the sky?

enterprises of the street!


Some vibrant gameplay footage of Aura Kingdom Mobile has surfaced bless to MMOCulture. The video is a little choppy but it’s visible that Taiwan studio X-Legend destitution to capture the same cel-shadingyu aesthetic as the PC version. Apparently the Pancratium does employ autoplay systems, without the need for player interposition except to accept the next quest. But you will be able to choose and watch one of eight form wonk away. That’s something true? Aura Kingdom Mobile is just the latest in a strike where developers port PC IP’s over to liquid. We’re still waiting to see upright how happy all these games will be. You can watch the footage below. There’s no word as to whether or not Aura Kingdom Mobile will sail West. I’m inclined to assay no, but you never know. FacebookTwitterReddit Related

Murdered an adversary, or foe executes the smooth successive assaults or huge room.

To upgrade aptitudes in the coveted bearing through the street of enterprise, and one of a kind ability winds up plainly conceivable designs of your own.

You can encounter an assortment of battle techniques, contingent upon their preferred way the enterprise.

assortment of substance effortlessly and effortlessness of operation!

You can feel the fun endless over an assortment of substance, for example, missions, cells, a duel, Guild back, the boring tower, lighting, cooking, angling, card fight.

Likewise, in light of the fact that the simple and sufficiently basic to be worked with one hand, you can appreciate at whatever time, anyplace.

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