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Ankora Hack and Cheat Webtools

Ankora Hack and Cheat Webtools



Mûn the pilgrim of Interstellar Patrol Team 5, endures a genuine mischance with her spaceship and needs to make a crisis arrival on the Planet Ankora. It is an extensive planet, loaded with differences and unsafe creatures, yet Mûn is an overcome wayfarer with awesome basic instincts and appearances the enterprise with no dread.


The best way to request reclamation is to unite the transmitter parts lost from spaceship amid landing, which are scattered around different remote areas on the planet. With every one of the pieces, she will have the capacity to assemble the reception apparatus and send the trouble flag.

Life on planet Ankora is difficult, to survive Mûn must conquer appetite and thirst, searching for nourishment and water, cooking her own arrangements and battling against the components: rain, north solidifying icy and hot summers in the abandon, long evenings loaded with threats …


However, soon she will have startling help: the ANKs. The ANKs are a primitive race living in amicability in Ankora since antiquated times. They are thoughtful hearted and are separated into tribes occupied with various occupations: agriculturists, anglers, traders, skilled workers, seekers and wisemen.

Mûn has a long way to go from the ANKs, who will enthusiastically help her sharing their way of life: showing her to make apparatuses, structures and structures, objects of adornments, a wide range of dinners, formulas and even enchantment elixirs. Consequently, Mûn will likewise give her help through innumerable missions, spend significant time in every employment and turning into a honest to goodness ANK-hearted.



Ankora has substantial measurements, it is isolated into 144 quadrants, Mûn has extraordinary investigation work in this wild world, where nature has developed voluntarily. Mûn must figure out how to defeat impediments: streams, lakes and waterfalls, gigantic rocks hindering the entry, mountains, level bounced… Furthermore, numerous beasts. However, nature will likewise give the materials she needs to advance and survive: wood, stone, metal and wild plants. Before long she figures out how to open her own particular manners, on the grounds that Ankora is a changing and one of a kind planet.


In spite of the fact that Mûn will start the enterprise with discharge hands, the ANK tribe will go with her sharing their insider facts and demonstrating her to make valuable instruments. The mallet to manufacture structures, the scoop to burrow or raise the landscape, the saw and the pickaxe to gather wood and stone, the digger to develop and collect … what’s more, the lance and the chasing bow to protect herself.


Question CRAFT

A key undertaking to survive will be to make her own articles and deal with the assets she finds on her enterprise. Mûn can gather a considerable measure of things in her knapsack: diverse materials, survival apparatuses, sustenance and unique things. These items can be joined from multiple points of view utilizing the kitchen and the working table. As Mûn adapts new formulas, her abilities and her odds of survival will increase.


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