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Age of Wushu Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android 2016

Age of Wushu Hack and Cheat Webtools for iOS and Android 2016


The opposition for interminable magnificence of matchless quality in the hand to hand fighting circle has started once more. This time, every single one should all hang together or most definitely they might hang independently in the group war. Ignore past hatred with anybody shielding your glad honor for good! Crush up your foes’ frightful attack and win! In any case, battling alone is the exact opposite thing to go and pets, in spite of adorable, can spare you from the issue that is finally too much to bear! Discover your group and restart your Jianghu enterprise—Age of Wushu Dynasty!

“A dreadful part of things simply right!” – Pocket Gamer

“Best Mobile Game at E3” – OnRPG

“Magnificent visuals and stylish combative technique!” – Touch Arcade

“Beyond any doubt to be an exquisite, activity pressed amusement for all to appreciate!” – App Advice

Enter a Stylized World set in Ancient China

Investigate an outwardly shocking virtual world loaded with quiet peach bloom plantations, clamoring city lanes, and burned combat zones! With full 3D activitys and PC-level illustrations, Age of Wushu Dynasty transports saints to Ming Dynasty China, with adapted period outfits and true situations demonstrated on genuine areas!


Battle for Power with 5 Schools

Browse four Martial Arts Schools to join on the way to find the force inside! Every school offers one of a kind open doors in a profound character customization framework – expert the Taichi Sword as a respectable Wudang saint, or rain ninja passing from the shadows as the guile Tangmen. Join a school, ace human expressions, and contend with restricting schools to find your fate!

Heart-beating Revolutionary Combat

Turned into a genuine expert of hand to hand fighting with Age of Wushu Dynasty’s progressive battle framework. Go past straightforward hack ‘n cut mechanics with strategic ongoing battle. Square approaching assaults, time your repel, and execute bluffs to get through safeguards and thrashing your adversary. Expert exceptional aptitude sets to battle with sharp edges, staffs, knifes, and uncovered hands! Touch off your Kungfu fire with effective Rage assaults and wreck your enemies!

Challenge Rivals in PvP

Who will be a definitive champion of Jianghu? Enter a vicious universe of ninja professional killers and Kungfu legends, as players fight it out in sorted out and open world PvP. Battle your way to the top in 1 on 1 Arena fights. Sneak behind foe lines with Spycraft, and join together in Guilds to fight for matchless quality in PvP Guild Raids!



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