Posted by Raidz on Sep 24, 2016
Adventure Story App Hack and Cheat Webtools

Adventure Story App Hack and Cheat Webtools


Sets out to an interminable affair, load with ecstasy, invigorating battle, and over-troubling of appeal! Doodling characters, blasting aptitudes and the first of its kind ‘all hands on deck’ battle mode – squeezed in this exciting voyage. All in 《Adventure Story – Classic PCGame in Mobile now》!

Awesome 8-bit Gaming Revived

Like all praiseworthy 8 bit entertainments – jump to stay away from all attacks! Spot an impeccable attack edge that can achieve various mischief just by one shot, kiling two feathered animals in one stone.


◆◆◆Show Off Your Weapons ◆◆◆

Your duel just got all the more convincing when each of your hand holds one unmistakable weapon. Unleash your inside creative energy by joining both of your weapons into one.


◆◆◆Real Time Manic Meltdown Fun ◆◆◆

Different battle mode open for assurance – battle against one in 1v1 Solo Mode, or fight against 3 distinct players in Survival Mode.


◆◆◆Ready to Fly with Your Pets◆◆◆

Wander up your redirection by using particular pets along your trip. Furthermore, you can essentially adorn your pets with different acessories can unleash diverse ambushing capacities. Pets are constantly men nearest buddies!

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8 Responses to “Adventure Story App Hack and Cheat Webtools”

  1. RockWoodpecker says:

    Awesome man. i try to download the APK and use the Tool and its freakin amazing.

  2. SillyPeanut says:

    i need this hack thanks

  3. ColdMoose says:

    I wonder if the APK tools is working on any android versions?

  4. Wombattle says:

    The Webtools is Working in iOS 10 but i want to download the app can you make app on IOS version too

  5. Annaconda says:

    Just Use it while its working thanks pal

  6. Jellyfists says:

    This is awesome. it takes time to finish the anti spam verification but its totally worth the wait

  7. Chipmunkey says:

    The Webtools online is working. is the APK webtools working in ALL GAME APP RESOURCES admin?

  8. BonyGeneral says:

    the only person who tells that this is not working is NOOB. its working guys just follow the simple instruction.

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