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코드 App Hack and Cheat Webtools


◈ Introduction ◈ diversion

You finally found the secret code!

Unleash your wings from the chaos of the Dragon!


Cooperation and competition with others and welcome the principal RPG fun!

Basic and smart auto-battle beguilement that anyone can acknowledge easily!


It is a considerable measure to appreciate! Find your puzzle code!

◈ Game Features


[PVP structure, different scales;

– Prove your aptitudes in the holy person field!

– Be attacked the others exhibited their quality!


[Argyle reversal own spleen Card]

– Use yonghon La irritate the stream of the battle!

– The encounter of the warrior spirits that are not hesitant to fight together!


[Distinctive legends and unending advancement;

– Distinctive character advancement process!

– Can you genuinely a great deal more grounded?


[Be with the Corps!]

– Growth with an excellent association system and fight together! – Challenge the limit!]

– Prove yourself in the tower of value and excellent cells of the Titans!

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