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追憶の青 App Hack and Cheat Webtools

追憶の青 App Hack and Cheat Webtools


Fantastic scale, significant story, sound … ultra-extravagant staff spell to shake the inclination, whether appreciate the staggering perspective of the world!

The dramatization that goes past insignificant Sumahogemu here.

[Quick and thrilling one-gave vertical maintenance play]

In the fight, it embraced a 2D side-looking over activity.


In combat zone adversary partner move around progressively, your aptitudes will be tried.

In rich abilities of every character and weapons, white benevolence of the adversary approaching!

Further, yet simple to play with one hand,

For example, hops and step, it can be an assortment of activity.

Up, down, left and right, an assortment of foe reach assault, yet counterattack splendid evade!

What’s more, when to hit the expertise, enchantment stone gage rise.

Associate the combo, and store gage, Tatakikome the big stake “enchantment stone discharge”! !

Together we constrain in helpful play, it is likewise conceivable to unleash an all the more intense blow!


[Four of the occupation up to three community of]

The appearance to an assortment of characters, there are four sorts of occupation.

Of short-separation × stature capability, contender.

Of medium-reach × adjusted, Knight.

Long-run assault is great, entertainer.

Of recuperation and backing focused, Priest.

At the gathering by exploiting each of the elements, whether Disrupt different stages!

What’s more, it can be online multiplayer with up to three individuals.

While taking the correspondence, and the consolidated power, beat out a considerable adversary!


[Armor and redo your character]

Sakuchu and defensive layer accessible, individual go with is, it can be fortified in the city.

Notwithstanding “reinforcing” and “advancement” of shield,

In “capacity freedom” of the character, alter the status of their loving.

Solid companions and, an effective protective layer, attempting to create to suit your style of play!

[Talented performers Produce a story! ]

As a voice responsible for the legend, et al.,

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Ayane Sakura,

Ami Koshimizu, Kenji Akabane et al.

Lovely performers are accumulated!

Blowing life in significant story, liven up a voice immersive!



A little island in the strait, “Vineland”

Holding five star Allied recorded Rohm church toward the west, sitting above the Kuzan domain to overwhelm the mainland by military power toward the east.

Indeed, even while being set when there’s no other option of the forces of the significant forces,

Kano earth, has been protected the autonomy by the power of the family of the enchantment stone Tsukai since old times.


Nonetheless, hypothesis of the two incredible forces that need an enchantment stone Tsukai powers, unobtrusively, yet went doubtlessly undermining the hearts of the general population of the island.

A little while later history,

Azukasuru the individuals who in the Union,

The individuals who Azukasuru to realm,

Brought forth sing who our freedom and lack of bias.

Union school with an emphasis on groups of silver.

Domain school with an attention on families of white.

Respectable in with an emphasis on blue and red of the families.

Thirds have been island rule of turbulence, a considerable measure of blood stream by the engagement to visit.

Island, had gone into the time of the common war that does not end in sight.

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